AB Pro Lash Applicator

Used by Graffitma for over 10 years, it’s now part of the Graffiti Glammed Family! The 45 degree angled tip allows you to precisely pick up and apply falsies directly on the lash line, no matter the eye shape, like a PRO!


1. Use fine tip to seperate the lash from their tray.

2. With the curved edge pointed towards you, grasp the lash in the center and apply a thin layer of the Graffiti Glammed lash adhesive. Wait 30 seconds before applying to natural lash line.

3. Using the applicator, place the lash band directly on to your lashline. Center the lash to your iris and press to secure the band on the outer corner with the curved side of the applicator; with the fine point adjust the inner portion of the lash.

4. With the fine tip of the applicator clean up any excess glue and separate your own lashes for a better blend.

Care Hints: Please handle with care. Dropping the lash applicator may damage the tips and throw them our of alignment. Wipe clean after each use.

Note: All applicators are beautifully hand painted. Therefore the Aurora Borealis effect will vary from the images above.  

Keep out of reach of children.