Our Story

Goddess Lashes 


 After many years in the industry, Makeup Artist, Ernesto Robledo decided to develop an enhancing, functional and fun line of multidimensional lashes that complement from a subtle to the most glamorous evening look.

His design background enabled his creativity to a different level. Tired of  struggling with flimsy, cheep lashes that don't stay on, he wanted to create a more stable design that would not only be suitable for multiple eye shapes, but easy to apply too

He developed multiple original designs. After countless hours of research, with other industry professionals as well as prospective buyers, he narrowed his first collection and named it Goddess Lashes. 

 8 Beautiful and lavish Designs make up this line. 3 Dimensional Mink Lashes that are hand made of thick and soft real mink hair, multiple hair lengths, patterns, and thicknesses. The hair is Cruelty Free, as its gathered from natural shedding process, then sterilized so that it can safely be used.

This collection was inspired by goddess all around the world. Each one is uniquely named by a goddess and has an inspirational description to empower the person who wears them. We know that you will fall in love with each and everyone of our designs and remember to Unleash Your Inner Goddess!!