What's your Eye Shape?

Ernesto Robledo's guide to choosing the correct Graffiti Glammed Goddess Lash for you!


Almond Eyes:

A well balanced eye consisting of top and bottom symmetry, pointed tear duct and outer eye, Good amount of lid and brow bone, like I said… Balanced eye! It's every MUAs dream to work on.     

What lash is right for you: Just like the Upturned eyes any lash is wearable. Eyes like these usually get elongated with makeup/ liner, so I personally I like to bring a bit more attention to the inner eyes by applying a lash that has more length in the middle then the ends. If you want to go for more of that “smize” look that Tyra Banks is known for, then go for the tapered lash, but again nothing too heavy clustered on the outer part. 


Smaller eyes: Mazu, Zaria, Anat

Larger eyes: Anat, Artemis, Gnowee, Pele, Freya, Onatha (Maybe).

Image: Mila Cunis




Close set Eyes:

Close set eyes are referred to as those having less than an eye-widths distance between your eyes. Thats a mouth full! confused? it just means the space in between them is narrow so they appear a lot more close together. 



What lash is right for you: These lets bring attention to the outer portion of your eye by adding a bit of flare.  


Smaller eyes: Minerva, Ixchel, Zaria.

Larger eyes: Anat, Artemis, Freya, Onatha.

Image: Kristen Bell




Wide Set Eyes:

Just the opposite of Close set eyes, these have a lot more space than an eye width distance in between them.   


What lash is right for you: Lets bring those babies back in and focus  attention to the inner part of the eyes. Lashes with crosshatch patterns are going to be best  here as they have directional hair strands coming towards the  inner part of the face.  


Smaller eyes: Minerva, Lilith, Zaria( if trimmed correctly in the outer end)

Larger eyes: Lilith, Artemis, Gnowee

Image: Amanda Seyfried




Up Turned Eyes:

These are the Fierce eyes! Almond in shape plus a slight lift in the outer portion of the, almost giving you a feline look or the “ you are wearing that pony tail really tight and high” look.    


What lash is right for you: Any lash is wearable with these eyes. The more tapered the lash is at the outer edge the more attention and lift your going to bring to the eye. Lets not over power the outer corner by choosing something extremely dense either, it will work against you. and lets not forget to add a bit of mascara to our lower lashes, specially the outer ones, to really ground the look. 


Smaller eyes: Mazu, Minerva, Ixchel, Zaria.

Larger eyes: Anat, Artemis, Freya

Image: Robyn Rihanna



Down Turned Eyes:

Who remembers the early 90’s porcelain figurines, Precious Moments? These are it..or what I like to call “innocent eyes”. They have a slight dip on the outer corners making it perfect to balance our with a smokey cat wing that everyone wants to wear… but many can pull off! 


What lash is right for you: Creating symmetry is key here. We want to avoid anything that is going to droop the eye, no one likes to drunk look “Drunk” look right? Bring Focus to the center of the eye as much as possible, or maybe a lash with a slight Flick out the outer portion. 


Smaller eyes: Mazu, Zaria, Anat

Larger eyes: Zaria, Anat, Artemis. Maybe Pele, Gnowee or Isis can work, but depends  on the amount of space/distance that you may have between your inner brow and your

Image: Camille Belle


Hooded Eyes:

Having a hooded eye is a struggle sometimes. This is defined by the excess skin that folds from the brow bone over to our upper lash line, some people are born with this, and sometimes with age.  


What lash is right for you: We want to bring attention to the center of the eye. Pick a lash that has a uniform hair spacing between them and that concentrates its length in the center of the lash. This will allow your makeup to pee  through and not close off your  eye.


Smaller eyes: Mazu, Lilith, Pele

Larger eyes: Pele, Artemis, Isis

Image: Emma Stone 




Monolid Eyes:

Monolid means that there is no visible crease line above the eye area. Referred to as single eyelid. There are also many different types of Monolids. People with these eyes, usually have a flat space without any folds when the eyes are open. I’ll take all that space, it just means I have more areas to show off my eyeshadow skills!


What lash is right for you: You can virtually wear just about any type of lash. The longer the hair length the more awake the eye will be. Try to go for a style that gradually increases in length  towards the outer edge and a little fullness is okay too. Avoid styles that are ver sparse in the inner portion and super dense on the outer edge, it will weight your eye down. 


Smaller eyes: Mazu, Minerva, Ixchel, Zaria

Larger eyes: Anat, Artemis, Freya,

Image: Nora Lum (Awkwafina) 


Protruding Eyes:

In most cases, the eye shape is a little more round. the lid seems to be little more swollen  and often times the bottom portion of the eye also comes forward a bit hence the eye looking a little more round, but not always. These eyes are perfect for smokey looks.   


What lash is right for you: Frankly you could do any lash. Ideally a lash that tapers out  will be your best friend and elongate the eye. If you go with a lash that is fuller in the center of the eye then placement will be key to not making your eye spear eve bigger… unless you love that look, I say go for it!  


Smaller eyes: Recommended- Minerva, Ixchel, Zaria. Mazu, Lilith, Pele. 

Larger eyes: Recommended- Anat, Artemis, Freya, Onatha. Gnowee, Isis, Pele.

Image: Nicole Richie




Deep Set Eyes:

Deeps set eyes are usually larger in size and are recessed deeper into our skull, therefore making our bow bone a bit more prominent.


What lash is right for you: We never want to close the beautiful catchlight in our inner eye, so lets select lashes that feathers outward more.


Smaller eyes: Minerva, Ixchel, Zaria.

Larger eyes: Ixchel, Anat, Freya, Onatha.

Image: Emma Watson




Hope this helps!!